Efficiently Target & Transduce Muscle Cells to Reduce Toxicity Risk, Increase Efficacy, & Administer High Dose Systemic Genetic Therapies Safely

The past twelve months have seen an unprecedented level of excitement, investment, and progression within the gene therapy for muscular disorders field. As the industry endeavours to move gene therapy treatment through the preclinical and clinical pipeline, in context of reducing toxicity and increasing efficacy, attending the Annual Gene Therapy for Muscular Disorders Summit has never been so crucial.

This summit returned to Boston reunited 100+ leading experts in biotech, pharma and academia to continue to develop strategies to deliver safer and more effective gene therapies to muscle cells.

This summit encompassed all aspects of preclinical development and highlighted the obstacles in clinical trials, enabling you to address and overcome these challenges.

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"A well-organized intimate and focused meeting with key leaders discussing their clinical experiences and future designs to improve safety and performance" - Kriya Therapeutics

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