2022 Partners:


Millipore Sigma 

Expertise Partner

Explore the latest developments in Cell and Gene Therapy with MilliporeSigma.  We're giving shape to cell and gene therapy development every day.  We bring 30+ years of expertise, and a global organization to integrate leading manufacturing technologies with process development, scale-up, safety testing, and the regulatory experience to meet your therapy's needs. MilliporeSigma is the U.S. and Canada Life Science business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany.


Sartorius-Logo_BIA-separations-Logo_Part-of Sartorius

BIA Separations  

Expertise Partner

BIA Separations, now a Sartorius company, develops and manufactures market-leading CIM® monolithic chromatographic columns for purification and analysis of large biomolecules, such as viruses, plasmids and mRNA, which are applied in cell and gene therapies. BIA’s Cornerstone® Biomanufacturing Development Services are result of more than 20 year of hands-on experience with the most challenging biopharmaceutical products and offer a comprehensive approach of integrated process development solutions and novel technology designed to improve the robustness and yield of large biomolecules production, while improving the safety of therapeutic products. BIA's technology for manufacturing-scale purification is already used in production of the first commercialized advanced therapeutics; BIA also has a keen presence with novel drug candidates in the clinical pipeline.


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Curi Bio 

Innovation Partner

Curi Bio’s preclinical discovery platform combines human iPSC-derived cell models, tissue-specific biosystems, and AI/ML-enabled phenotypic screening data to accelerate the discovery, safety testing, and efficacy testing of new drugs. These products and services enable scientists to build more mature and predictive human iPSC-derived tissues—with a focus on cardiac, musculoskeletal, and neuromuscular models. By offering this highly predictive platform, Curi is closing the gap between
preclinical data and human-relevant results—accelerating the development of safer, more effective medicines.


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Atamyo Therapeutics 

Innovation Partner

Atamyo Therapeutics is focused on the development of a new generation of effective and safe gene therapies for neuromuscular diseases. A spin-off of gene therapy pioneer Genethon, Atamyo leverages unique expertise in AAV-based gene therapy and muscular dystrophies from the Progressive Muscular Dystrophies Laboratory at Genethon. Atamyo’s most advanced programs address different forms of limbgirdle muscular dystrophies (LGMD). Atamyo is derived from Celtic Atao which means “Always” or “Forever” and Myo which is the Greek root for muscle. Atamyo conveys the spirit of its commitment to improve the life of patients affected by neuromuscular diseases with life-long efficient treatments.



JOGO Health

Innovation Partner

JOGO Health uses wearable s/EMG sensors and AI to develop digital biomarkers for inclusion/exclusion criteria and digital endpoints for muscular and pain conditions. JOGO platform is also used by clinicians to develop post gene therapy rehab protocols for muscular disorders and monitor remote clinical trials. JOGO is FDA cleared as a Class II medical device under 510k exemption.


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Perkin Elmer 

Exhibition Partner

PerkinElmer Genomics is a global leader in genetic and genomic testing focused on rare diseases, newborn screening, and inherited cancer. Our services support the full continuum of care from preconception and prenatal to neonatal, pediatric, and adult. Testing options include sequencing for targeted genes, multiple genes, the whole exome or genome, and copy number variations. Using a simple saliva or blood sample, we answer complex genetic questions that can proactively inform patient care and end the diagnostic odyssey for families.


vitalograph-logo-1 (002)


Exhibition Partner

Vitalograph is a global leader in respiratory diagnostics. We manufacture and supply high quality spirometers and medical devices which aid the detection, diagnosis and management of respiratory conditions. Our products are used in over 113 countries by medical professionals in healthcare and occupational health settings. We have also delivered successful clinical trials for many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, biotech and contract research organisations.




Event Partner

CYTOO is a drug discovery biotech company focusing on disorders affecting muscle health. CYTOO pioneered MyoScreen™, an in vitro R&D platform that enables testing muscle therapies in primary patient-derived skeletal muscle cells. Using innovative, image-based, high-throughput assays and quantitative functional assays, MyoScreen aids therapeutic discovery at all stages, from target identification to the development of clinical candidate potency assays. Through R&D partnerships, CYTOO has worked on more than 50 projects comprising RNA and gene therapies. To better support CMC related activities, CYTOO is establishing a GMP environment that will be operational in 2023.