2023 Partners


BIA Separations

Expertise Partner

Sartorius BIA Separations, develops and manufactures market leading CIM® monolithic chromatographic columns for purification and analysis of large biomolecules, such as viruses, plasmids, and mRNA, which are applied in cell and gene therapies. Sartorius BIA’s Cornerstone® Biomanufacturing Development Services are result of more than 20 years of hands-on experience with the most challenging biopharmaceutical products and offer a comprehensive approach of integrated process development solutions and novel technology designed to improve the robustness and yield of large biomolecules production, while improving the safety of therapeutic products. Sartorius BIA’s technology for manufacturing-scale purification is already used in production of the first commercialized advanced therapeutics; Sartorius BIA Separations also has a keen presence with novel drug candidates in the clinical pipeline.




Expertise Partner

CYTOO is a drug discovery biotech company focusing on disorders affecting muscle health. CYTOO pioneered MyoScreen™, an in vitro R&D platform that enables testing muscle therapies in primary patientderived skeletal muscle cells. Using innovative, image-based, highthroughput assays and quantitative functional assays, MyoScreen aids therapeutic discovery at all stages, from target identification to the development of clinical candidate potency assays. Through R&D partnerships, CYTOO has worked on more than 50 projects comprising RNA and gene therapies. To better support CMC related activities, CYTOO is establishing a GMP environment that will be operational in 2023.


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Curi Bio 

Innovation Partner

Curi Bio’s preclinical discovery platform combines human iPSC-derived cell models, tissue-specific biosystems, and AI/ML-enabled phenotypic screening data to accelerate the discovery, safety testing, and efficacy testing of new drugs. These products and services enable scientists to build more mature and predictive human iPSC-derived tissues—with a focus on cardiac, musculoskeletal, and neuromuscular models. By offering this highly predictive platform, Curi is closing the gap between preclinical data and human-relevant results—accelerating the development of safer, more effective medicines.


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Gene Therapy Net 

Media Partner

Gene Therapy Net is the information resource for basic and clinical research in gene therapy, and the site serves as a network for the exchange of gene therapy information and breaking news items. Visitors can keep track of the latest scientific papers, conference announcements, gene therapy jobs, regulations and guidelines.



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Event Partner

Regeneron is a leading biotechnology company that invents, develops and commercializes life-transforming medicines for serious diseases. Founded and led for nearly 35 years by physician-scientists, our unique ability to repeatedly translate science into medicine has led to numerous FDA-approved treatments and product candidates in development. With a deep history in genetics – including groundbreaking mouse genetics to create Regeneron’s proprietary VelociSuite® technologies – and multiple genetic-based therapeutics in clinic, Regeneron is expanding these efforts to pursue genetics medicines in-house.