Partnership Opportunities

Muscular disorders such as Duchenne’s, Limb Girdle and Pompe, and particularly gene therapies targeting these disorders, are an extremely hot focus of research among pharma and biotech right now.

 Partnering with the Gene Therapy for Muscular Disorders Summit is your opportunity to demonstrate your expertise, elevate your brand, and establish yourself as the go-to commercial partners for these industry companies as they advance their programs.

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Can You Provide Any Of The Following?

  • Rodent, canine or other large animal muscular models
  • Non-human primate models for preclinical safety studies
  • Preclinical CRO research services with muscular disorders or gene therapy experience
  • Imaging, digital and blood-based biomarker expertize in Duchenne’s, Limb-Girdle, Pompe or Myotubular Myopathy
  • AI and movement technology for remote clinical monitoring
  • Advanced muscle biopsy technology
  • Clinical CRO with expertise in gene therapy or muscular disorders

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Why Partner?

Showcase your expertize to leading organizations by securing an exhibition booth

Secure a spot on our expert speaker faculty to demonstrate thought leadership and drive brand exposure

Maximize in person networking to generate leads and build new relationships with industry pioneers

Embrace the tech to meet your commercial objectives and educate decision-makers on how your expertise can deliver gene therapies to patients more effectively