Who Will You Meet?

Who Will You Meet?

Catja Freiburghaus

Senior Scientist, Clinical Development Lead Gene Therapy

Hansa Biopharma

Dawn Phillips

Senior Director Clinical Outcomes Research



Sr, Director


James Warren

Senior Vice President - Pharmaceutical Development


Kathy Ivey

Vice President - Gene Therapy & Research

Tenaya Therapeutics

Kristin Stephenson

Director - Office of Strategy & Alliances, Pediatric Translational Neuroscience Initiative

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Lena Winstedt

Global Franchise Lead Gene Therapy

Hansa Biopharma

Lianna Orlando

Vice President - Research & Partner


Mindy Cameron



Richard Parad

Director, Newborn Genomics Program

Brigham Women's Hospital

Sharif Tabebordbar

Chief Scientific Officer

Kate Therapeutics

Sonia Albini

Research & Development Scientist


Who Is This Event For?

This event is for drug developers, medical affairs professionals, and patient advocates.

Why Attend?

You should attend this event if you are looking to uncover the latest developments in gene therapy for muscular disorders to help optimize the safety, efficacy and delivery. With experts form R&D, preclinical, translational, clinical, medical affairs, and patient advocacy groups, obtain a detailed of overview of the challenges at each stage of the drug development process. Gain real-world insights into how your work is improving the life of thousands of people being effected by these diseases.

This event is attended by drug developers, medical affairs professionals, and patient advocates to keep up to date with recent advancements, novel technologies and network with the many different stakeholders in the industry.

solid biosiences

‘Intimate setting and size made it possible to meet with everyone and have open and constructive conversations’

Sharon McGonigle, Vice President – R&D, Solid Biosciences

epic bio

‘A very informative meeting with good opportunity to network with leaders in the gene therapy for muscular disorders space’

Abhinav Adhikari, Scientist, Epic Bio

curi bio

‘High quality presentations with lots of cutting-edge technology’

Greg Luerman, Vice President – Research & Partnerships, Curi Bio


‘I had a unique opportunity to learn about the highs and lows of current gene therapies, which will help me to provide our patients with the information that will allow them to develop realistic expectations regarding treatments and using these therapies. The in-site and pre-meeting customer staff interactions were excellent.’

Dorota Gruber, Assistant Chief – Paediatric Cardi-genomics, Cohen Children’s Medical Center